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MISKIN, f. -a, pl. Msieken dim. Msejken

            : When one's deprived or bereft of the happiness and fulfilment they require.


“Dak gay... miskin”. An often heard Maltese phrase loosely translated to, “he’s gay, poor guy”. A small phrase that sums up the naivety, lack of questioning, and the sense of (at times unintentional) intolerance often projected on the LGBTQI+ community.


This is the starting point for Il- Programm tal- Miskin.


To deliver a programme of events across Malta and Gozo which will act as a catalyst for the shifting landscape of LGBTQ+ representation and acceptance in our country. Our performances, writing and outreach workshops will celebrate the Maltese queer story and  it hopes to be a vehicle for social change.


All the activities of the programme will come to complement, support and expand the imprint of a new original Maltese musical under the title of “It- Teatru tal- Miskin”.  We aim to enrich the artistic excellence of all creatives involved while expanding on the social relevance that our work can leave upon the communities who will get to experience our work.

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