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MISKIN, f. -a, pl. Msieken dim. Msejken

            : Min hu nieqes jew imċaħħad minn kulma jeħtieġ sabiex jgħid jekk ikun hieni.


“Dak gay... miskin”. An often heard Maltese phrase loosely translated to, “he’s gay, poor guy”. A small phrase that sums up the naivety, lack of questioning, and the sense of (at times unintentional) intolerance at times projected on the LGBTQI+ community.


This is the starting point for Il- Programm tal- Miskin.

It is a programme of events across Malta and Gozo which will act as a catalyst for the shifting landscape of LGBTQ+ representation and acceptance in our country. Our performances, writing and outreach workshops will celebrate the Maltese queer story and  it hopes to be a vehicle for social change.



Be part of our story!

Open call for members of the Maltese and Gozitan LGBTQI+ community. 


The narrative of our musical has come together through a series of Maltese and Goztian queer testimonials and stories. As part of the outreach programme for it-Teatru tal-Miskin, we are keen to showcase the story of our community and share it with our audiences. 


The heteronormative world that accompanied our coming out stories now needs to be examined. The patriarchal society that still rejects the notion of gender fluidity needs to be challenged. Our community has worked so hard to give us the status that our community deserves. In no way does it mean that the work is done, yet we want to celebrate this journey and present a snapshot of our community today – where we’ve come from and where we need to go. 


In line with Malta Pride 2022, “Live Your Truth” we will be gathering stories from our queer community: heartfelt coming out stories, heart-breaking stories of hurdles along the way, and heart-warming stories that celebrating love and authenticity. We intend this aspect of the programme to truly embed the themes of our show into contemporary Malta. These are real stories that we’re celebrating and this opportunity is giving us the platform to showcase them.


With your permission and with our utmost sensitivity to your story, what you share will feature as part of the production experience of it-Teatru tal-Miskin. This is an empowerment exercise, and we want to represent our community as a whole.  


Do get in touch with us on to start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from Maltese and Gozitan (or based in Malta and Gozo) members of the LGBTQI+ community, both anonymously and not, from people who might not have direct access to the arts, as well as others who are keen to own a part of this production’s legacy. 


This call is CURRENTLY OPEN so please do get in touch.


This programme is funded by Arts Council Malta and Aġenzija Żgħażagħ.

Quee Storis


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