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Release Date: 7th July 2024

It-Teatru tal-Miskin - Maltese Playscript

  • It-Teatru tal-Miskin- Maltese Playscript

    by Luke Saydon 


    Language: Maltese

    Paperback, 152 pages

    20 x 13 " 


    The bus never comes to Ħal Fern. It’s a village cut from the rest of the world, completely forgotten. But the village has secrets. Dark secrets it would prefer to keep hidden. One day a troupe of clowns arrives in Ħal Fern - entertainers who are strikingly different from the rest of the village. Their otherness and playfulness stand out in the mundane streets of Ħal Fern. They perform “It-Teatru tal-Miskin”, a show that unearths the stories that Ħal Fern had buried deep. The stories of a boy who dared to wear high heels.


    It-Teatru tal-Miskin is an original musical by Luke Saydon. A queer coming of age story about people’s innate fear of ‘the other’. With an accompanying outreach programme, it aims to be a catalyst for the shifting landscape of LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance in our country.


    “It-Teatru tal-Miskin, produced by Saydon Studio, is a weapon of mass destruction. It tears to shreds any pretence of narrowmindedness with elegance and absurdity, holding a mirror to complacency and fear. It turns the tables on intolerance revealing with subtlety and sophistication the true miskin of the story." Times of Malta 


    "I have attended quite a number of theatre productions throughout my life, however, I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed something as powerful and touching as It-Teatru tal-Miskin." Lovin Malta



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