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Saydon Studio is a musical theatre collective founded in 2022. An artist finds refuge in a studio. It is a place where ideas can play unrestricted. Like the young critical minds that shape our culture, these are the ideas with yet unanswered questions and bold artistic possibilities. Musical theatre is a unique way of connecting with people and the studio is an invitation for artists and their audiences to engage with stories of fragility, tenderness, joy and the unapologetic celebration of what makes us unique.  


Work from Saydon Studio’s has gone on to win awards including 5 Arts Council Malta Premju Għall-Arti Awards including Best Production, Best Work for Young Audiences, Best Creative Practitioner and Best Young Artist. Luke Saydon has also been honoured as 2023 Times of Malta's person of the year as well as with a Hertsmere Civic Award for his work in the community. 


The studio’s work includes HUSH and The Three Sunsets, which remain two of Malta’s most treasured new musicals. Its community work has reached hundreds of people around the world - bringing voices together in splendid harmony. 


Our goal is very simple. Saydon Studio aims to work with the movers and shapers of exciting new theatre. Our work will deconstruct the preconceived notion of musical theatre. We will use song and dance to examine the imbalance and disorder of the world outside the theatre door. It is a place where we will explore possibilities and fail with enthusiasm. We will learn how to unlearn. 


And in a studio like this we hope to create beauty.

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